We provide everything from complete Toronto bathroom renovations, bathroom remodeling, custom glass shower stalls, glass steam/spa enclosures, bathroom upgrades, custom cabinetry and radiant floor heating, the list of services is extensive. We can provide/design/install custom kitchens in addition to bathroom renovations.

Providing, as part of your Toronto bathroom renovations, all bathroom fixtures, jacuzzi/whirlpool/airjet tubs,tiles, custom vanity cabinets and more. We are the Toronto bathroom renovators providing you with "turnkey" bathroom remodeling (we provide all fixtures and tiles as well, you do not have to supply your own unless you wish to). Artisan Bathrooms is a specialized custom bathroom/kitchen renovation firm in Toronto building carefully-crafted bathrooms and kitchens for each individual customer, one at a time.

As well we have the capability and expertise to design/build wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and/or universal- access bathrooms for your home. They need not look institutional as they can be furnished with almost any luxury fixtures/tiles and finishes and still be totally "ergonomically friendly". Today more and more seniors are wishing to remain in their homes for as long as possible to maintain their independence, with that goal we can design and construct a bathroom that works for seniors and is "user-friendly" and will provide much safety from slip and falls even if you are mobility-challenged. We regularly remove existing bathtubs and replace them with barrier-free showers with built-in seats/benches, grabbars/support bars and easily-accessible shower valve controls that are both beautiful and functional. Your bathroom can be custom-built for your mobility needs both for the present and taking into consideration future mobility challenges.

Residential bathroom/kitchen renovations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is our prime business specialty. Basement bathroom renovations or the addition/creation of a new basement bathroom can also be accommodated as well depending on your family’s needs and budget. For your information you should know that any new bathroom addition (i.e. basement bathroom) can add significantly to your homes' value (usually much more than the cost of the bathroom Reno itself), therefore your investment in the creation of another bathroom to your home is a very cost-effective one and a great return on investment, in fact Kitchen and bathroom renovations give the highest rate of return (R.O.I)) of any home renovations. In simple terms, you invest in a bathroom or kitchen renovation now, you enjoy your beautiful new bathroom or kitchen while you own your home and you get a significantly higher selling price for your home when you sell so your bathroom and/or kitchen is a pretty good investment.

Our goal for your bathroom renovation is quite simple, to generate as little hassle for you and your family throughout the process. Our Toronto bathroom renovation experience allows us to complete a basic bathroom renovation in an average of 4-6 weeks start-to-finish (more complex installs with custom cabinetry, toilet location changes/wall moves take us longer naturally as there is much more work/complexity involved).


We can even provide you (plumbing access/drain permitting) with a temporary shower for your convenience while we are renovating your sole bathroom facility. Showering at your "in-laws", friends or neighbours for the renovation period is never fun.

We take great care in protecting your homes flooring surfaces, walls etc while we are renovating your Toronto bathroom or kitchen. We also use drop sheets, protective plastic film and high volume dust fans (opening window permitting) to evacuate dust during the messy dusty parts of the build. Our goal is to be damage-free to your home while renovating your bathroom or kitchen. Any paint damages/chips are also touched up by us as well.

If, in your bathroom/kitchen renovation search, you are looking for "cheap","budget"or "lowbid" workmanship/products/pricing Artisan Bathrooms & Kitchens will likely not be your renovators of choice. We do not "cut corners", take shortcuts nor use cheaper, inferior quality materials in the bathroom build and we do not hide our shortcuts behind your walls or floors as we have seen done on countless occasions by other renovators and well-meaning but misguided "DIYers". As well we do not quote you deceptively "lowball" pricing to get your business and add everything on to your bathroom renovation bill later (i.e. hidden extras that most people don't know to ask about up- front but which are already included in your pricing packages). We use the best available materials and transfer that cost directly on to you our customer. All our workmanship is provided by our own skilled/licensed trades people (i.e. electrical and plumbing). We are a fully licensed and insured renovation firm for your safety and security.

We can now also provide you with custom built-in cabinetry for your home theatre or for your bedroom/closet.

We provide bathroom and kitchen renovation services to the Central/West Toronto areas including Mississauga and Oakville.